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Grass Cutting and Ground Maintenance

The Service Aim

We maintain the grass, flower beds, shrubberies, hedges and trees on open spaces and recreation grounds and on parts of the highway found within our towns and larger villages. Grounds maintenance is monitored and reviewed regularly to ensure that a high quality, efficient and cost effective service is provided.

Note that we are not responsible for the maintenance of rural highway verge. These are maintained by Suffolk County Council Highways.

What does the Grass Cutting and Grounds Maintenance Service Provide?

  • Cutting and otherwise maintaining grass
  • Edging grass growth back from paved areas on highway verges and open spaces (approx. once every four years);
  • Pruning and caring for trees to keep them healthy and in a safe condition;
  • Maintaining shrubberies, rosebeds and hedges;
  • Designing and planting out spring and summer bedding schemes;
  • Generally maintaining play areas, collecting litter, sweeping paths and emptying litter bins;

What We Ask of You

  • If you are unhappy with any aspect of the service or are experiencing grounds maintenance problems in your area please let us know.
  • If you see any vandalism or antisocial behaviour please let us know that too, but telephone the Police first.
  • Please let us know if you see anybody digging close to our trees especially if they are using a mechanical digger.
  • If there is a vehicle involved in any of the above incidents please try and take down the number. This could help us trace the offender. 

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