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New Computer System For Planning

From 5pm 11th May the start of the new planning software installation will begin.  We must migrate our existing data across to the new system and we will need to ‘freeze’ our existing software.  This work will interrupt normal business activity, such as consultations and publicity. 

This will only take three weeks along with testing and for the new system to be set up for launch on the 1st June. 

You can use the online planning system during this time, but at different times during this process we must suspend some services and this will create some disruption.  Extensions to consultation periods are being made to cover any difficulties and we have made other arrangements.

History searches and copy document services will be suspended for this time.  Duty pre application service will need to be reduced as our access to records will be limited.  Our free call back service is also affected and call backs are suspended from 5th May until the 19th May to ensure officers can work on applications and reduce the amount of disruption.   

We hope this temporary disruption will not cause too many problems and we shall be doing our very best to meet your requirements during this time.  If you have any problems at all, please contact us on Tel 0300 1234000.  For response enquiries and responses to applications if online services are not available please email planning@baberghmidsuffolk.gov.uk

We look forward to a new system that will improve the service in the future and hope you will all start to see these online very soon.