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Applying for our permission

Keeping a vehicle, trailer, boat or caravan at your property

If you have a garage, parking space or a drive with a dropped kerb and pavement crossover, a regular vehicle (car or small van) can be parked without permission. If you wish to park any other type of vehicle on your property, council land or grass, such as a trailer, boat or caravan, you will need to seek our written permission first.

Application for permission to keep a vehicle, trailer, boat or caravan at your property


Working from home

You must not use your home to run a business, unless we give you our permission in writing. We will not refuse permission unless we feel that the business is likely to cause a nuisance or annoy other people, or damage the property. Some examples of businesses we would not allow include:

  • Repairing or maintaining cars
  • Selling cars
  • Using the property as a place to buy, sell or store scrap materials
Application to Request for permission to work from home


Keeping a pet

You must obtain written permission before keeping any animal, bird or reptile at your home.

If we grant permission, it may be subject to conditions and may be withdrawn at any time if we consider that the animal, bird or reptile is causing a nuisance, damaging the property or is being mistreated.

Permission will not normally be given to keep a dog (other than a guide or hearing dog) if the property is a flat or maisonette without the sole use of, and direct access to a garden. You can find out more in our Pet Policy

To apply for permission, complete our online form

Application to keep an animal or pet in council accommodation



If you would like to make any alterations to your property, you will need to write to us first,  for more details about our alterations process.



You have the right to take in lodgers or sublet part of your home. However you must receive written permission from us before a lodger moves in or you sublet part of your home.

You cannot sublet your whole property.

Apply for permission to take in a lodger