The planning system helps to ensure that development takes place in the public interest, in economically, socially and environmentally sustainable ways. It has a major impact on how local neighbourhoods look, feel and function. It also has a role to play in helping to cut carbon emissions, protect the natural environment and deliver energy security.


Starting on the 16th January 2017, our Monday “drop in” service will be moving to an appointment only basis. This will enable us to work more efficiently and dedicate resources more effectively to all our customers .  Our Thursday and Friday morning “drop in” sessions will also be changing over to an appointment only basis in the coming months and we expect to phase out all non-appointment sessions as we develop our pre-application services in the Spring.    

All our appointment sessions will remain free at this time but we are currently reviewing the viability and efficiency of that approach. It is likely that we will introduce a charged pre-application service after appropriate consultation with stakeholders and customers.

Our planning enquiry call back service is also available and remains free.

Please contact us to make an appointment or ask for a call back on:

Babergh District Council  (t): 01473 825858 (e):

Mid Suffolk District Council (t): 01449 724612 (e):


Babergh and Mid Suffolk Planning Team


Your Development Management Team - December 2016

The Development Management team forms three officer teams to serve specific areas for Babergh and Mid Suffolk District Councils.  Each team is made up of Planning and Support officers to deal with a wide range of planning proposals.  The teams will over time establish improved local connections with the areas they cover with the support of their dedicated officers.  For larger schemes these will also be dealt with by the designated team that covers that area.  However, to have a more efficient service it may be the case that officers from other teams will deal with larger schemes across the two districts as part of our new integrated approach.  This will ensure the relevant experience and expertise are used where needed.  Behind the scenes a new fourth start up team has been formed to ensure much faster registering and validation of both applications and enquiries.

Contact us:

Click here to see the new team map and find your team colour (PDF, 867Kb)

Blue Team on 01449 724546 (Needham)

Green Team on 01473 825748

Yellow Team on 01449 724540

Alternatively please contact us on:

For Hadleigh: Tel 01473 825858 or email

For Needham: Tel 01449 724612 or email

Don't forget our Duty Service also remains available and continues to be popular.  This includes both Appointment and Non Appointment times for development management planning officers and also specific times for heritage officers.


See below for some frequently asked planning questions.

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