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Agent Accreditation Scheme

As part of the Babergh and Mid Suffolk’s drive to speed up the planning application process, whilst not compromising the quality of application submissions, an ‘Accredited Agents’ scheme has been introduced for tree and householder applications. We are very keen to foster good working relations with customers and to acknowledge and promote the submission of good applications.

The scheme will allow regular agents to submit applications with only basic validation checks being undertaken by the Council.

Agents can become accredited by signing, and then abiding by, the schemes terms and conditions and by undertaking an orientation session with a Planning Officer. For further information please do not hesitate to contact us.

Benefits of the scheme

  • Accredited agents will have their applications registered upon receipt
  • Use the accredited agents logo as part of their branding
  • As part of the scheme accredited agents will be publicised by the Council, our website will contain a list of accredited agents and details will be available to the public
  • Have a guarantee that we will update you on the progress of their application after consultation and before a decision is made

Accredited Agents will be encouraged to submit good quality applications, but accreditation, in itself, is not intended to be a reflection of the agents’ skill/qualifications, and does not imply that the applications submitted are any more or less likely to obtain permission.

Disclaimer – Unauthorised use of the Accredited Agents logo is prohibited.