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Home > Planning > Development Management > Making an application > Apply for Planning or Listed Building Consent

Apply for Planning or Listed Building Consent

In order to apply for permission or consent you will need to supply an application form and supporting information to the Planning Department.

The Planning Portal Mandatory documents page gives more information on the national requirements for submissions.

Please see our local validation requirements page.

Important: Please see popular reasons why applications are often invalid. 

Please also see our householder submission guide.

The best way to apply for planning permission and/or listed building consent is to do it online through the Planning Portal via. 

Planning Portal - Start an application

Here you can make your planning application entirely online by completing an electronic application form and attaching any plans and drawings (so long as they are in electronic format such as PDF, word or photo documents).

Making a planning application online is more cost effective and environmentally friendly and has the added advantage of a built in check list to ensure (as far as possible) that your application will be valid on submission, i.e. that all the necessary accompanying documents will be submitted. The Planning Portal also has some useful tools including fee and volume calculators.

(We do not service the Planning Portal. If you encounter trouble while submitting an application the help desk number is  0333 3234589 or you can contact them by email -

You may still apply for planning permission and/or listed building consent by using paper copies of the application form. The application forms and guidance notes can be printed from the Planning Portal - paper forms cabinet.

You can opt to hire a planning agent to work on your behalf or you can do this for yourself. We always recommend asking for some pre-application advice before incurring any costs to yourself. We can advise if your project needs permission/consent or not, if it is likely to be supported in principle or not and what type of information you are likely to be asked for. You can then make an informed and balanced decision on whether/how to proceed