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Planning fees and making payments

Planning Application Fees

Application fees are set by Central Government and the amount of fee varies with the type of application; it is non refundable if an application is withdrawn or refused, but a free go for a revised/second application may be applicable.

The Planning Portal Fee Calculator may help you work out the cost of any particular planning application (ranging from a simple householder development to large scale schemes such as housing schemes or industrial estates) by asking a series of questions.  If you do not wish to use the fee calculator, view full details of the Planning fees updated 15 April 2015.

The Planning Portal has an easy to use Volume Calculator if you need to calculate the area and volume of your works to help with calculating the fee and to help determine whether permission is required.

Pre Application Fees

Please see our main page.  Pre Application Charges

Making Payment

If you have applied online we currently do not accept payments via planning portal.  Card payment is acceptable by telephoning and a secure call back will be arranged to take payment. Please have either the Planning Portal Reference Number or Local Authority Planning Application Reference available.  Please call 0300 1234000 and select option 7

You can separately send a cheque made payable to either Babergh District Council or Mid Suffolk District Council depending on the location of the proposal, but this will take longer to process.  

Please always include either the Planning Portal Reference Number and/or Local Authority Planning Application Reference (if known) and always provide both a contact name, number and the site address for all methods of payment