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High Hedges

If you are having difficulty with the height of a neighbours hedge, advice and guidance is available on how to resolve a high hedge dispute and explain what will happen if the Council get involved, using their powers in Part 8 of the Anti-social Behaviour Act 2003.

A leaflet called Over the Garden Hedge is available from Communities and Local Government giving advice on how to settle your hedge differences without involving the Council (NB, the 'Useful contacts' section of this leaflet is not up to date, with one organisation 'Mediation UK' no longer in operation).

This process must be attempted before a complaint can be made to the Council.

If none of the advice and methods of mediation contained in the 'Over the Garden Hedge' leaflet is successful, then you might be able to ask the Council to step in.

Please read the leaflet High Hedges: Complaining to the Council for more information and to find out if the Council can consider your complaint.

If you are satisfied that your complaint meets the legal tests which enable it to be investigated by the Council, then you may complete a High Hedge Complaint form by clicking the button below. A fee of £350 is applicable to high hedge complaints, which is required to be paid with the completed e-form below. If, upon receipt of your enquiry and payment, we do not consider that your enquiry meets the criteria as set out above, we will issue a refund.

High Hedges Complaint form