Lawshall Neighbourhood Plan

The Lawshall Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP) is being prepared by Lawshall Parish Council and will ultimately help guide and shape future development in the parish.

Stage 5: Examination (Summer 2017)

Babergh District Council has appointed Ann Skippers MRTPI to carry out an independent examination of the Lawshall NDP.

Having completed an initial review of the Plan, the Examiner asked both Councils to clarify a number of matters. Her questions and the responses to these are set out in the document below. 

HRA Screening Assessment - Update and Further Consultation (July - Aug 2017)

Having considered the responses to her questions above and, after seeking further clarification, it was agreed to suspend the examination process while a Habitats Regulation Screening Assessment was carried out and this consulted on for a period of six-weeks. A copy of the Examiners letter and the HRA screening document are published below. Also published are all the representations made. The consultation period ran from 9 June until 21 July.

Further Consultation - Breckland SPA and Natural England’s Advice (28 July to 11 Aug 2017)

Through responses received during the initial consultation, the Council was made aware of a potential omission in the HRA screening. Specifically, the Breckland Special Protection Area (SPA) had not been considered. Natural England were notified immediately and further correspondence on this matter has been exchanged. As this has not taken place in public the Examiner (in her letter dated 26 July 2017) has requested that a further, focused, two-week consultation be undertaken. This relates specifically to the circumstance described here and the advice received from Natural England.

Note: Copies of the relevant e-mails can be found in the ‘responses’ document under ref. no’s LWS-H-8 and LWS-H-9.

This two-week consultation starts today (Fri 28 July 2017) and will close at 4:00pm on Fri 11 August 2017. We have notified existing consultees but if anyone else wishes to comment on this specific matter and the latest advice received from Natural England then please submit your comments by e-mail (click here) to arrive by the deadline date. All comments received will be forwarded on to the Examiner for further consideration.

Previous Stages

Stage 4: Submission Consultation (Feb - Mar 2017)

In accordance with Regulation 16 of The Neighbourhood Planning (General) Regulations, 2012 (as amended) Babergh District Council undertook a formal consultation on the content of the Lawshall NDP to see if it fulfils the Basic Conditions as required by Paragraph 8 (1) (a) (2) of Schedule 4B of the Town and Country Planning Act 1990 (inserted by the Localism Act 2011). The consultation period ran from 13 Feb 2017 to 31 Mar 2017 - as set out in the Public Notice.

Lawshall Parish Council (the qualifying body) formally submitted the following documents:

An assessment as to whether the Lawshall NDP fulfils the Basic Conditions set out in the Regulations will be undertaken by an Independent Examiner (see above). A check was, however, undertaken to confirm that the relevant requirements had been met at this stage. View the Regulation 15 Checklist

Respondents were also reminded that their comments would be forwarded to the Independent Examiner and that, with the exception of personal contact details, they would be published on the District Council’s website.

Stage 3: Pre-submission Consultation (Oct - Dec 2016)

The Parish Council published a pre-submission draft NDP for consultation between October and December 2016.

Stage 2: Involving the community and scoping issues at heart

A Working Group was set up a team to take the plan forward. Residents and local businesses were encouraged to participate in surveys and attend community engagement events.

Stage 1: Area Designation (Dec 2015)

Lawshall Parish Council submitted an Application to define the boundary of the NDP Area in October 2015. The area proposed followed the existing parish boundary. After consultation, Babergh District Council designated the Neighbourhood Plan Area on 8 December 2015.

Designation Notice

Schedule of Responses to Area Consultation

Lawshall NDP Area Map (The plan area follows the parish boundary)