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Our Democratic Services section (linked below) contains information on:

  • Our Constitution
  • The decision making processes
  • Council meetings
  • Committee meetings and decisions
  • Calendars, agendas and minutes
  • Local political representatives (Councillors)
  • Parish council information and parish profile information

Babergh councillors

  • Clive Arthey, North Cosford Ward
  • Sue Ayres, Sudbury (North) Ward
  • Melanie Barrett, Nayland Ward
  • Simon Barrett, Sudbury (South) Ward
  • Tony Bavington, Great Cornard (North) Ward
  • Peter Beer, Great Cornard (South) Ward
  • Peter Burgoyne, Pinewood Ward
  • Sue Burgoyne, Hadleigh (South) Ward
  • Tom Burrows, Great Cornard (North) Ward
  • David Busby, Pinewood Ward
  • Tina Campbell, Hadleigh (North) Ward
  • Sue Carpendale, Mid Samford Ward
  • Michael Creffield, Brett Vale Ward
  • Derek Davis, Berners Ward
  • Si├ón Dawson, Hadleigh (North) Ward
  • Alan Ferguson, South Cosford Ward
  • Barry Gasper, Brook Ward
  • Kathryn Grandon, Hadleigh (South) Ward
  • John Hinton, Dodnash Ward
  • David Holland, Sudbury (South) Ward
  • Michael Holt, Glemsford and Stanstead Ward
  • Bryn Hurren, Boxford Ward
  • Jennie Jenkins, Leavenheath Ward
  • Richard Kemp, Long Melford Ward
  • Frank Lawrenson, Waldingfield Ward
  • James Long, Chadacre Ward
  • Margaret Maybury, Waldingfield Ward
  • Alastair McCraw, Alton Ward
  • Mark Newman, Great Cornard (South) Ward
  • John Nunn, Long Melford Ward
  • Adrian Osborne, Sudbury (East) Ward
  • Jan Osborne, Sudbury (East) Ward
  • Lee Parker, Bures St Mary Ward
  • Peter Patrick, Berners Ward
  • Stephen Plumb, Glemsford and Stanstead Ward
  • Nick Ridley, Brook Ward
  • David Rose, Holbrook Ward
  • William Shropshire, Lavenham Ward
  • Ray Smith, Sudbury (North) Ward
  • Harriett Steer, Alton Ward
  • Fenella Swan, Mid Samford Ward
  • John Ward, Lower Brett Ward
  • Stephen Williams, Dodnash Ward

Mid Suffolk councillors

  • Roy Barker, Badwell Ash Ward
  • Gerard Brewster, Stowmarket (South) Ward
  • David Burn, Palgrave Ward
  • James Caston, Claydon and Barham Ward
  • Rachel Eburne, Haughley and Wetherden Ward
  • Paul Ekpenyong, Stowmarket (Central) Ward
  • John Field, Bramford and Blakenham Ward
  • Charles Flatman, Eye Ward
  • Julie Flatman, Stradbroke and Laxfield Ward
  • Jessica Fleming, Rickinghall and Walsham Ward
  • Elizabeth Gibson-Harries, Hoxne Ward
  • Nick Gowrley, Stowmarket (South) Ward
  • Gary Green, Stowmarket (North) Ward
  • Kathie Guthrie, Debenham Ward
  • Lavinia Hadingham, Fressingfield Ward
  • Derrick Haley, Thurston and Hessett Ward
  • Matthew Hicks, Worlingworth Ward
  • Glen Horn, Wetheringsett Ward
  • Barry Humphreys MBE, Stowmarket (North) Ward
  • Esther Jewson, Thurston and Hessett Ward
  • Diana Kearsley, Gislingham Ward
  • Anne Killett, Barking and Somersham Ward
  • John Levantis, Elmswell and Norton Ward
  • Sarah Mansel, Elmswell and Norton Ward
  • Wendy Marchant, Needham Market Ward
  • John Matthissen, Onehouse Ward
  • Lesley Mayes, Stowmarket (Central) Ward
  • Suzie Morley, The Stonhams Ward
  • Dave Muller, Stowmarket (North) Ward
  • Mike Norris, Needham Market Ward
  • Derek Osborne, Rickinghall and Walsham Ward
  • Penny Otton, Rattlesden Ward
  • Timothy Passmore, Helmingham and Coddenham Ward
  • Jane Storey, Woolpit Ward
  • Andrew Stringer, Mendlesham Ward
  • Keith Welham, Stowupland Ward
  • Kevin Welsby, Bramford and Blakenham Ward
  • John Whitehead, Claydon and Barham Ward
  • David Whybrow, Ringshall Ward
  • Jill Wilshaw, Bacton and Old Newton Ward

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