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Household Waste and Recycling

Mid Suffolk and Babergh District Council operate a joint waste collection scheme to enable a more cost effective service. The scheme is an alternate weekly collection service, collecting rubbish one week and recycling the next. The majority of households are provided with two wheeled bins, one for recycling and one for refuse.

Did you know that less than 88p per week of your council tax goes towards waste collection?

An alternate weekly collection of rubbish and recycling helps to keep the council tax down. Landfill charges are applied to every tonne of rubbish we put into landfill, therefore, if we reduce what we put into our rubbish bin and increase our quality of recycling, it not only keeps council tax down but it greatly reduces the impact we have on the environment. By 2015 the landfill will have been filled and then the waste collected via the refuse bins will be sent to an energy from waste plant based in Great Blakenham.

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