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Service Delays

Before any missed bin is reported please ensure that:-

  • The correct bin is presented at the edge of your property by 06:30 on collection day.

  • That all waste/recycling is contained within in the bin  (The lid is firmly shut) or in authorised council sacks (NO black bags)

  • The bin is not contaminated (For Example Glass, Food or Bagged Waste in the recycling bin, or Garden waste in the refuse bin)

For further information about what goes in your bins see here

In addition the following common issues can affect your collections

  • Roadworks 

  • Obstructive parking of vehicles

  • Refuse collection vehicle breakdowns

  • Severe Weather

In the event of these an other issues, we will list below those that we are aware of and instruct the contractor to return for affected areas as soon as is possible.

Report a missed collection

Service Update (23/02/2018 08:41 AM)

Mid Suffolk (Recycling)

Collection of recycling waste is currently delayed in the following locations:

  • Beyton Road, Drinkstone , Drinkstone Road, Gedding, Felsham Road, Gedding and Orchard Close, Felsham due to road closures.
  • Oakley Church Lane, Brome and Oakley due to cars blocking access.
  • Thurlow Court, Stowmarket has had some bins not collected due to parked cars.

Please continue to present your waste at the usual location, we will return to complete your collection as soon as it is possible.

Mid Suffolk (Garden Waste)

This service is running normally

Mid Suffolk (Trade)

This service is running normally

Babergh (Refuse)

This service is running normally

Babergh (Garden Waste)

This service is running normally.

Babergh (Trade)

This service is running normally.