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To register new development

Due to the current situation with COVID-19 we may have to offer a reduced level of service. Please bear this in mind when trying to contact us.

All plots on any new development will need a full official address. The Street Naming and Numbering Service is the authority in Babergh and Mid Suffolk that's responsible for providing:

  • addresses
  • full naming and numbering schemes

Once a site has been bought and planning permission granted, an application will be required for provision of a street naming and numbering scheme.

What is required for an application to be made?

new development application form (online form) must be completed and submitted to the Council, along with the fee.

Alternatively, you can print, complete and send to us a new development application form (PDF document)

It can be used for all sizes of development, including single plots. It needs to be submitted with details and plans of the site to be developed and must clearly show:

  • all plots and plot numbers
  • access pathway leading to the main entrance of each property
  • all individual floor layout plans of any blocks of flats or maisonettes
  • any new streets provided as part of the development
  • existing streets that lead on or off the development
  • any planned continuation of new roads onto future phases

To help you check if there are properties or roads in your area with the same or similar name to that proposed, you can use Royal Mail's postcode finder.


Applications for new developments up to and including 100 plots are charged in bands. These bands depend on the number of plots being constructed.

For developments of 101+ plots, a base charge (plus a figure per plot over 100) is charged.

The applicant has to pay for the cost of the supply and installation of any street name signs required. The cost of the supply will be advised when street names have been given.

Please note that VAT is not chargeable on these applications. 

Further information

Read our guidance document for new developments (May 2021) 

This guidance covers all sizes of developments - from one plot upwards.

Read our FAQs on new developments

Read our Specification for Street Name Signs

Contact us by emailing Address Management or phone 01449 724510

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