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To register new development


All plots on any new development will require a full official address. The Street Naming and Numbering Service is the authority within the Babergh District responsible for providing addresses and a full naming and numbering scheme.

Once a site has been purchased and planning permission for the development granted an application will be required for a naming and numbering scheme to be provided.

The ‘New Development’ application and guidance covers all sizes of developments from one plot upwards.

What is required for an application to be made?

A new development application along with the appropriate fee (see Charges below) and relevant site plans must be submitted to the council.

Please be aware, we are currently experiencing intermittent performance issues with our online payment system. If you find you have a problem please contact 01449 724510.

New Development Application

Alternatively, download a PDF of the above form:

New Development Application

It can be used for all sizes of developments (including single plots) and is to be accompanied by details and plans of the site to be developed to clearly show the following:

  • All plots and plot numbers
  • Access pathway leading to the principal entrance of each property
  • All individual floor layout plans of any blocks of flats or maisonettes
  • Any new streets provided as part of the development
  • Existing streets that lead on or off the development
  • Any planned continuation of new roads onto future phases


Applications for street naming and numbering of new developments up to (and including) 100 plots are charged in bands depending on the amount of plots to be constructed. For developments containing 101 plots or more, a base charge plus a figure per plot over 100 is charged.

Note that VAT is not chargeable on these applications, for current charges please view the guidance to accompany the application form SN2 - New Development - Guidance Document

Please Note: The applicant is required to finance the supply and installation of any street name signs required. The cost of the supply will be advised when street names have been designated.

Further Information

For further information please see guidance documents shown below. Contact us by email at Address Management or by phone at 01449 724510.

New Development - Guidance document Feb 2018

New Development - Frequently Asked Questions

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