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Arts and Culture

How do Babergh and Mid Suffolk District Councils support arts and culture across the two districts?

  • We ensure villages and towns thrive, through a collaborative approach. The creation of cultural network groups within market towns has also made culture more accessible to all
  • We recognise culture as the key driving force behind growth in towns, and for residents
  • We work with partners to build higher levels of cultural participation, and manage strategic programmes and projects
  • We support residents to start well, live well and age well, using culture to improve health and wellbeing
  • We develop innovative partnerships between cultural providers and educational institutions, which improve cultural education provision for children and young people. Visit Periscope's website for more information
  • We offer fundraising and project advice and guidance

Which arts and heritage organisations do Babergh and Mid Suffolk invest in?

Please email Zoey Banthorpe to find out more or phone 01449 724638 (Monday – Wednesday).

Suffolk Culture Network

The Suffolk Culture Network is for people delivering communications, marketing and audience development in the cultural sector. Email Thomas Beese if you'd like to join the Suffolk Culture Network. 

Suffolk Cultural and Creative newsletter

The Suffolk Cultural and Creative newsletter is a fortnightly publication which aims to improve the sharing of information between:

  • arts practitioners
  • arts organisations
  • non-arts organisations
  • local government
  • regional and national bodies across Suffolk

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