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Delivering a vision of prosperity for Stowmarket

Stowmarket Vision for Prosperity (VFP)

We have responded to the issues raised and published a 5 Year ACTION PLAN that  draws together a range of projects, plans and interventions that are happening in Stowmarket over the next 5 years.

The 5-Year Action Plan:

  1.  Demonstrates the investment that is already being made in Stowmarket
  2.  Brings together the major projects that work together to ensure Stowmarket's long-term future as the main centre in the District
  3.  Makes commitments to deliver and invest in the town, and we'll be working with our partners to ensure that they come to fruition
  4.  Paves the way for more projects – such as the Town Centre Regeneration – which will see more done to make the town centre user experience better

This is not the end ... it is only one point on Stowmarket's long timeline, so we'll continue to work to make the town better. Look out for more VfP announcements and opportunities to be involved.

Future VFP actions

We are implementing the actions in the 5-Year plan and we will be asking the public for more involvement in projects as they develop.  You can keep up to date by following our Social Media Twitter page at #VFPStowmarket.

Past VFP actions

We started it all off with a public display on 4 October 2017.  It was obvious that people are passionate about the town, as over 400 response comments were received, as well as numerous conversations taking place.  The display material (see copies below) provoked many comments but the overwhelming issue was the public perception of the town:  Stowmarket is under-performing as a retail and leisure venue.  Consequently, the reputation of the town is weak which hinders positivity in residents and in potential investors in the area.  There is a strong desire to "do something big" to kick-start Stowmarket's prosperity.


On Saturday 16 June 2018, hundreds attended the launch of the 5-Year Action Plan as part of the Stowmarket Civic Day celebrations in the former NatWest building.  This took place as part of a small but very busy and bustling look around the former bank, the announcement that the John Peel Centre will get a "front door into the Market Place, a great look back at Stowmarket's history and a pop-up record fair.