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Hadleigh Vision

Following on from previous community engagement work in Hadleigh, the Councils are focused on expanding the Vision programme. The aim of the programme is to help more places in the district develop and realise a vision that:

articulates the place and its attractiveness, defines who the place is for, how it is special, where it has come from and where it is going in the future

To move the programme forward, an Invest in Hadleigh group has been created. This group includes representation from the public and private sectors. Its aim is to work in partnership to:

  • recognise development opportunities for the town
  • ensure the Vision programme truly reflects the people of the town and their ambitions

What will the Vision do?

Each Vision will set a long-term goal, that all future actions and projects will work towards, to help the town achieve its ambitions. These will form the umbrella programme and narrative, which all other actions and projects will link to. This, in turn, demonstrates a unified vision for each town.

Each programme will:

  • showcase the characteristics that make each town unique, and explore how they can be developed to provide a clear message as to why people should continue to want to live, work and visit these places, and why businesses should continue to invest there
  • be tailored to the place and its people, and developed through a collaborative creation process with local residents and businesses
  • be ambitious ('stretching'), but also honest, believable and realistically deliverable within a medium/long term time frame
  • unite the community behind a 25+ year ambition, so that future decisions will always be made with a view of achieving that ambition

Hadleigh Market consultation

Hadleigh Market, which is held on Friday mornings, has grown significantly over the last five years. It's continued to thrive alongside changing retail habits of customers, and despite the COVID-19 pandemic. It has done so by offering the community a unique shopping experience and has benefitted from strong support locally.

The Councils are taking this opportunity to review the market through a new consultation. The local community, businesses and market traders are able to respond to this consultation, which is an online survey. This consultation follows on from a previous consultation, which took place in 2016.

To take part and share your views, please access the survey using the link below:

Securing Hadleigh Market's future - complete the survey

The closing date for the survey is Monday 13 December 2021.

The consultation also takes into consideration the impact of the road closure for the market. This was introduced in March 2020, due to social distancing measures. Currently, an experimental traffic regulation order (ETRO) is in place while this new consultation is carried out.

Any specific comments relating to the ETRO on market days should be forwarded to Suffolk County Council via email, no later than Sunday 30 January 2022.

Email the Legal Traffic Orders team at Suffolk County Council