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Stowmarket Health, Education and Leisure Facilities

Project overview

An exciting opportunity, to work with key partners to develop a new sports, education, health and wellbeing hub across two sites in Stowmarket, has become available.

Investment in sport and leisure facilities and wellbeing provision in Stowmarket is linked to key outcomes in:

  1. the Councils' new Wellbeing Plan
  2. the Councils' refreshed Sports, Leisure and Physical Activity Strategy
  3. the Councils' new Economic Recovery Plan

As a growing town, Stowmarket was identified in the Sports, Leisure and Physical Activity Strategy as being in need of more sports facilities.

The creation of the hub will provide a unique offer, for Stowmarket and its surrounding villages. It will also encourage a transition from existing, more formal health services, to greater partner delivery.

The hub will allow all partnerships to thrive and expand, and will provide a base for new collaborations between sport, education, health and wellbeing. This is a model already supported by current Sport England policies, and allows for a multi-agency approach in:

  • tackling local health inequalities
  • promoting and supporting wellbeing
  • the provision of services for young people

Stakeholders include:  

  • Suffolk County Council
  • Stowmarket High School
  • Local leisure centres (Everyone Active)
  • Ipswich & East Clinical Commissioning Group
  • Stowmarket Town Council
  • Active Suffolk
  • NHS
  • Sport England

Scheme Survey

Proposed facilities