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Sudbury Vision

Belle Vue Site (Section 123(2A)) of Local Government Act 1972

S123(2A) Notice Area for Disposal

The confidential minutes (redacted) and Plan relating to the 2013 decision to dispose of the house and pool site can be accessed below:

Babergh Strategy Committee Decision & Plan (21 November 2013)

Babergh Strategy Report N81 (21 November 2013) (redacted)


Appendix A to Report 81

Appendix B to Report 81 (redacted)

Appendix C was expired pre-planning third party advice and is not available.

Market Hill: improving pedestrian-friendly and flexible public access space

Public consultation analysis and next steps

A programme of public engagement with businesses, residents and other community groups took place in Autumn 2020. The programme closed in mid-December.

The public provided feedback on the design concept of a more pedestrian-friendly, flexible use public space. Analysis of the feedback from this survey is now underway. It will be fed back through the open Sudbury Steering Group meeting in March 2021. It will then be published on this webpage.

Over 225 individual responses were received during the consultation period. Comments were made about the design concept, potential improvements and the future of the space in the heart of Sudbury.

An initial review of the feedback indicates that: 

  • about 73% of respondents agreed that the proposed design concept creates better space for pedestrians, the market and other flexible uses
  • the design would increase time spent and frequency of visits to the Market Hill area of the town

The consultation feedback form provided a space for open comments and suggestions. 

These comments and suggestions included opinions on: 

  • trees and greenery within the concept
  • outdoor tables and seating
  • blue badge parking
  • improving the market
  • supporting retail
  • developing a year round visitor programme

The survey results also show how views of town centre residents relate to those of town centre visitors. Detailed analysis into these results remains ongoing.

The next steps are through the Sudbury Vision Steering Group/Suffolk County Council/stakeholder engagement (including Town Council). Together they will explore further refinement of the design (based on feedback), funding opportunities and links with Sudbury Vision.

Market Hill concept design

Market Hill concept design (Market Day)

Market Hill: Artist's impression

About Sudbury Vision

Sudbury's public sector organisations, stakeholders and local businesses are working together to help shape Sudbury's development. Much work has been carried out since the first public engagement events took place in 2018.

Sudbury Vision recognises a future Sudbury that is:

  • a special place with an exciting future
  • a strategically well-placed town for sustainable growth
  • a town hosting a diverse economy and a strong community spirit

Sudbury Vision's ambitions include:

  • developing Sudbury's brand and profile
  • developing Sudbury as a place to invest
  • enhancing the town as a great place to live, work and visit
  • creating a connected and sustainable town centre
  • building on the town's cultural heritage and visitor attractions


Sudbury Vision (Microsoft PowerPoint document) sets out the long-term aspirations and ambitions for the town. The Sudbury Vision Delivery group support the development of projects and schemes to deliver these aims.

These aims and ambitions are also supported by the Sudbury Culture Sub-Group, involving key cultural, arts and heritage partners and organisations from the town.

Sudbury Vision