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VFP in Eye, Hadleigh and Needham Market

Building on the “Vision for Prosperity” (VFP) for Sudbury and the 5-Year Action Plan for Stowmarket launched last year, Babergh and Mid Suffolk District Councils are now starting the second stage of the Vision Programme to help more Suffolk towns realise their ambition to become key destination towns in the region.

Over the coming months, the District Councils and their place specialist partner, “thinkingplace” will work with stakeholders including community groups, businesses and the Town Councils to begin the Vision programme for Eye, Hadleigh, and Needham Market.

We want to hear YOUR voice, so take part in the workshops

The “Visioning” process will start with undertaking research and talking to people in the towns to understand what their town is about, and what makes it special. This will draw out what people love about their town, heritage and community. Once this ‘sense of local place’ is identified, residents and businesses will be able to set out how they would like others to see them and develop an identity and “unique selling point” to promote the town, stimulating civic pride and promoting investment. The credibility of the vision will be assisted through the development milestones and clear definition of ‘what success looks like’ for each of the towns.

Register to take part in the workshops using these links to “Eventbrite”, or speak to the Town Clerk:

  • Eye - NEW DATE! 11 July 2019, Eye Town Hall (4.30-6.00pm or 6.30-8.00pm). Book your place now
  • Hadleigh - 25 June 2019, Hadleigh Guild Room (4.30-6.00pm or 6.30-8.00pm). Book your place now
  • Needham Market - 26 June 2019, The Limes Hotel, (4.30-6.00pm or 6.30-8.00pm). Book your place now

What will the Vision do?

The visions will set out a long-term goal that all future actions and projects will work towards, helping the towns achieve each community’s individual ambitions. These will be the umbrella documents that all other actions and projects will link to, demonstrating a unified vision for each town.

Each vision document will:

  • showcase the characteristics that make each town unique and explore how they can be developed to provide a clear message as to why people should continue to want to live, work and visit these places, and why businesses should continue to invest there.
  • be tailored to the place and its people and developed through a collaborative creation process with local residents and businesses.
  • be ambitious - ‘stretching’ - but also honest, believable and realistically deliverable within a medium/long term time frame.
  • unite the community behind a 25+ year ambition, so that future decisions will always be made with a view to achieving that ambition

Keep a look out on the Councils’ website and social media channels for further information about the workshops, as we would like as many people as possible to be involved in planning their own futures.