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Food inspections

Food and Safety Officers carry out regular checks on all food premises in the districts. This is to ensure that the food sold and served is safe.

Officers do not normally tell premises when they will be inspected. Where the food is sold, made or served which could cause illness, inspections are carried out more often. Premises that have had poor standards of food safety in the past are visited more often.

If you are unhappy with standards of food safety at a food premises please Report food premises (below). We will not share your details with the business unless we make a prosecution. We will handle any personal information in line with the Data Protection Act.

Inspections focus on the systems in place to ensure food is safe. Officers will check staff training. They will also check that the condition of the premises and equipment is satisfactory.

Where practices or conditions are poor, officers will begin with an informal approach. If the premises remains poor it may be necessary to use formal action. This could involve the service of legal notice, prosecution, or closure of the business. 


The Food and Safety team also investigate complaints about food and food premises.  For information on what to do if you have a food complaint, visit our Food Complaints webpage 

Report food premises