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Former Council Offices in Hadleigh


In November 2017 Babergh District Council vacated its old offices at Corks Lane in Hadleigh. Since this time The Council have been hard at work to develop the plans for the future of the site.

The proposals for the site have been drawn up by Babergh District Council, working with Purcell Architects and the Lawson Planning Partnership in the first stages to propose a new future for the site and we are delighted to announce Planning Permission was granted in March to convert the former Council offices in Hadleigh into 57 new homes, bringing the site back into use and delivering housing in the market town.

Babergh’s Planning Committee voted to grant permission for the redevelopment of the former council offices and the Bridge Street car park, which served the former offices at a meeting held at the Guildhall in March.

The five listed buildings on the Corks Lane site will be repaired, refurbished and converted into residential accommodation to retain their distinctive presence on the site. In addition the office pavilions, constructed in the 1970s, will be converted into apartments rather than demolished, maintaining the backdrop to Hadleigh Cricket Ground. These plans have been drawn up in consultation with heritage consultants to ensure the proposals cause the least possible impact on the buildings.

The open space immediately north of the River Brett, which forms a popular route for walkers, will also be retained as far as possible and continue to be publicly accessible. The plans approved include both maintaining as many of the existing trees on the site as possible, with replanting planned to ensure there is no net-loss of trees.

Careful consideration has been given to the relationship of the new homes to the adjacent cricket ground and instructed officers to take steps to ensure that safeguards were put in place for future residents and the continued use of the cricket ground.

Vehicles accessing the Corks Lane site will continue to use Corks Lane, while those visiting the Bridge House site will use the current entrance route to the car park, meaning future use of the site will be via the same routes that were used by Babergh staff when the offices were operational.

In total the former Corks Lane site will be redeveloped to provide:

  • 20 one bedroom apartments
  • 19 two bedroom apartments
  • 8 three bedroom apartments
  • 1 four bedroom apartment
  • 3 three bedroom houses
  • 2 four bedroom houses

While the former car park and Bridge House site across the river will include:

  • 2 four bedroom houses
  • 2 five bedroom houses



What happens next?

Babergh District Council have developed a new partnership with the Norse Group to help support the councils’ strategic plans. Babergh Growth has been established to deliver high quality private and social housing across the districts to transform council-owned land and assets into much-needed local housing.

Norse Group has strong roots in the public sector and has already established a similar successful partnership in Norfolk, known as Broadland Growth.

The partnership with Babergh District Council will see council owned land and assets given a new lease of life, the partnerships are set to unlock barriers and make a positive, local and regional contribution to the economic, environmental and housing needs of our communities.