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Activities for KS1 and KS2 School Groups

A series of 'Project' Packs on Ponds, Mini Beasts, and Rivers have been developed for schools KS1 and KS2 classes with all the information teachers will need to prepare for and organise their own class studies.


They contain worksheets, creature feature leaflets, habitat illustrations, safety information, ‘how to…’ sections, life cycles and food chains and much more. Packs can be viewed or downloaded below.

The Countryside Team are no longer able to lead visits for schools though we do have equipment that schools may borrow on their visit (pond nets, sweep nets, pots, trays, magnifiers, ID charts etc).

If you plan to bring a group onto one of the Council sites, please let us know so that we can advise on any local issues and let you know if other groups are on site on your planned date.


 Project Ponds


Project Minibeasts




Project Rivers

rivers pack