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Eye Castle Resources

If you are studying castle life then the Eye Castle resource box might be just what you need. Created to supplement visits to a castle this box contains a variety of objects to bring a study to life.

The box contains costumes for the Lord and Lady of the Castle, a nun and a peasant, allowing young children to dress up in character. Fragments of pottery, metalwork and bones unearthed at Eye Castle can be handled and replica jugs, bowls and spoons allow children to compare modern tableware with that of the past.

Other objects include seals, wax and parchment paper allowing children to write letters and seal them like the lord of the castle. There are even the castle keys and replicas of board games played hundreds of years ago.

Eye Castle was home to a Victorian school so we have included slates and writing styli. Books about castles and a DVD on castle life complete the resources.

The resource box can be borrowed by schools to support their learning. Loans typically last two weeks but can be longer if not needed elsewhere.

For further information about the history of Eye Castle visit.  To enquire about loans of the resources or to book a guided visit around the castle ruins please contact the Countryside and Public Realm team