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Appeal a Parking Fine

Excess Charge Notices (ECNs) can be challenged by appeal within seven calendar days after they were issued. To satisfy audit requirements, and to ensure that these are considered consistently. These can be submitted by email or submit an online Application which can be found at the end of the page.

Upon receipt of your appeal we will review the circumstances of your challenge against the evidence provided and that obtained when the ECN was issued. We will then decide whether to approve your appeal and will let you know the outcome in writing (by letter or email).

We may allow up to three appeals and these will be processed as follows:

First Appeal – this will be assessed by a trained officer and you will be notified of a decision within 10 working days. During this time the discount payment period will be frozen and extended after a decision is made.

Second Appeal – if you do not agree with the outcome of the first appeal, you may make a second appeal within seven days. This will be assessed by an officer or the manager within the Public Realm team and the decision will be considered final. The discount payment period will be frozen while the appeal is assessed, but not extended after a decision is made.

Third Appeal – a third appeal will only be permitted if new supporting information is provided that could alter the outcome of the earlier appeal decisions. This will be assessed by a manager or the head of service within the Environment Division. The decision will be considered final and no further appeals will be permitted.

An ECN can not be challenged by appeal after it has been paid.

Please note that the following are not considered valid reasons for cancelling an ECN:

  • You did not realise you needed a ticket
  • You forgot to get a ticket
  • You made a mistake when using the ticket machine (e.g. you requested a short term ticket in error rather than a long term ticket)
  • You knowingly did wrong (e.g. you were 'only' ten minutes late)
  • You didn't have sufficient change (including going to a shop to get change)
  • You were in a rush (including not wanting to miss the train)
  • You were delayed in a queue (e.g. in a shop or bank)
  • You were delayed due to an appointment lasting longer than expected (except in exceptional circumstances)
  • Your car broke down – without supporting evidence
  • You or your child were sick and/or needed to go to the toilet
  • You had a valid Blue Badge but did not display it
  • You had a valid ticket but it was not clearly displayed (e.g. it had blown off dashboard)
  • You had a valid permit but it was not on display
  • You forgot to renew your permit
  • The vehicle make and/or colour written on the ECN is incorrect
  • There was a problem with the ticket machine and you did not try the other machines in the car park (where applicable)
  • None of the ticket machines would accept your coins and there was not a known fault - this suggests that the coins were counterfeit

Online Appeals

If you wish to appeal against your ECN online, please review the reasons appeals will not be accepted (listed above).

If your reason is not listed, make an online appeal:

Appeal a parking fine