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Hadleigh Cookery School

Babergh District Council has partnered with Fork Kitchen & Deli to offer free cookery classes to the district’s most vulnerable residents.

The scheme will allow participants to learn vital new skills and form lasting friendships.

Renowned chef Justin Kett will run the free cookery classes at Fork Kitchen & Deli, located on Hadleigh High Street. The aim is to promote nutritious meals that reduce food waste.

During the course of four sessions, he’ll teach participants how to prepare various meat, vegetables, pulses and grain dishes on a budget.

They will then receive recipe cards and ingredients to help them make the recipes again, in their own homes.

Slow cookers will also be provided to participants, courtesy of The Rural Coffee Caravan. This equipment will help with the preparation of healthy meals.

Themes for the classes are as follows:

  • Week 1 - Chicken (how to prepare three dishes – including risotto, salad and broth – using only one whole chicken)
  • Week 2 - Summer vegetables and greens (how to use vegetables and salad leaves to make appetizing meals that are amazing to eat)
  • Week 3 - Pulses and grains (how to use couscous, lentils, pasta, rice effectively)
  • Week 4 - Budget cuts and how to use them (using things like minced beef, lamb, turkey to make cheap, tasty and nutritious meals)

The scheme also aims to reduce social isolation. A friendship group will be created to allow participants to remain in touch once the classes have finished.

This will offer them a chance to form lifelong relationships, which helps to alleviate loneliness.

Initially, there will be two courses on offer throughout the summer. One of these will be for isolated and lonely residents; the other is targeted specifically for families.

Provisional dates for the family sessions are: 26 July, 2 August, 9 August and 16 August.

Provisional dates for the isolated residents sessions are: 23 August, 1 September, 6 September and 13 September.

Anyone attending the family course should be aged 12 and over, however funding will be provided to help with childcare costs for parents with younger children who would like to take part.

Those interested in participating in either course should ideally be from Hadleigh or the surrounding villages. However, if the pilot proves to be successful, there are plans to roll out the project across Babergh and Mid Suffolk.

Email our Communities team to register your interest