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Become a Councillor event

Do you want to make a difference to your community?

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On Thursday 4 May 2023, Babergh and Mid Suffolk District Councils will hold elections. 66 district council seats - across 50 wards - will be up for election.

A district councillor is someone who has been democratically elected to represent their local community in the running of local government. They speak on behalf of the residents of the ward they have been elected to serve, but can sometimes be asked to represent residents across the whole district.

You don't need any formal qualifications to be a district councillor - you don't even need to be affiliated with a political party. It's a role that is open to everyone. You just need to be:

  • aged 18 or over
  • a UK, EU or Commonwealth citizen
  • a resident or worker in the district

If you are interested in becoming a councillor, or you'd just like to know more about the 'ins and outs' of your local council, you are welcome to attend our 'Become a Councillor' event. The event, which will be held on Thursday 29 September from 4pm - 6.30pm, is at Endeavour House, Ipswich, Suffolk IP1 2BX.

The event is free to attend. If you would like to attend (or would simply like more information) please email our Democratic Services team on committees@baberghmidsuffolk.gov.uk

For more information about the role of a councillor, please visit our Become a Councillor webpage.

Information supplied at our 'Become a Councillor' event