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Littering and Dog Fouling

Dog fouling

For more information visit our dog fouling page.


Litter spoils our neighbourhoods and environment, attracting pests and encouraging others to litter.  It can include anything from a cigarette butt, chewing gum, a crisp packet to a bag of rubbish.  It also includes food waste, even though this may rot down over time.

Littering is not just an offence in public places such as shopping and recreation areas, pavements, public spaces and car parks, but also on any private land, as well as land covered by water.

Every day, the Council clears our towns and streets and shop fronts of litter - visit our Street Care and Cleansing page for information about how we do this.

The Law

Anyone who drops litter is committing a crime.  This includes throwing litter from a vehicle.  The Council treats littering seriously.  If you litter you can be prosecuted in the courts and fined up to £2,500.  As an alternative to prosecution, the Council has powers to issue 'on the spot' Fixed Penalty Notices of £80 to people who litter.

The Council has a direct link to the Driving and Vehicle Licencing Agency (DVLA) to trace registration numbers, so that anyone seen littering from a vehicle or driving away after leaving litter can be traced.

Reporting littering

You can help reduce the amount of litter by disposing of your litter responsibly and encouraging others to do the same.

If you see someone dropping litter that you don't know, it is important not to confront them if you think that your personal safety might be at risk.

Try to remember and note down as much detail of the incident as possible, including the date, time and location, what was littered and the name and address of the offender if you know it.  Where a vehicle is involved please note the make, colour and registration mark of the vehicle, together with a description of the offender i.e. driver, front seat passenger, male, female, etc.

To report littering complete our online form.  Please note we are not able to act on anonymous reports.

Report littering