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Cleansing service

An effective street cleansing service is essential to provide the kind of environment that we all would like to live in.

The quality of the local environment and in particular standards of street cleansing, includes a routine and reactive street cleaning of adopted roads and footpaths within towns and villages throughout the districts. As  general rule, town centres are cleaned every day and rural areas when required. 


Different areas of the districts are cleaned on different frequencies. However it is important  that our schedules are flexible and we do not clean a street that does not need cleaning.

Councils do not clear leaves from private property nor clear leaves from grass areas. The only exception to this rule are Councils parks and sheltered housing sites, where leaves are routinely cleared from the whole site, including grass areas, on a weekly basis.


The emphasis of the Council is to do our best to keep the district clean. That means that if you report areas (or we find areas) that have become a problem, we will deal with them rather than sticking to a schedule just because it exists. The scheduled mechanical sweeping of all kerbed and drained roads within the district. This is generally performed two or three times per year according to need.

Street Cleansing Report It Form

Suffolk County Council is responsible for any emergency clearing of materials, including mud, that might be a hazard on the highway and storm water drains. 

Report debris, weeds or mud on the road