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Sustainable travel

Our sustainable transport vision

Babergh and Mid Suffolk District Councils are committed to helping our residents and visitors make sustainable journeys. These journeys benefit our environment, as well as our physical and mental health and wellbeing.

To learn more about our goals - and how we will work to achieve them - please read our vision document:

Read our Vision for Sustainable Travel

Active travel

Following an extensive community consultation in 2021, the Councils have produced a Local Cycling and Walking Infrastructure Plan.

This plan identifies the improvements we wish to make to help our residents and visitors feel safe and comfortable, whilst walking or cycling around our districts. We will work with partners to seek funding for - and the delivery of - these improvements.

You can read more information about the plan, how it was developed and how we hope to implement it via the link below:

Read our Local Cycling and Walking Infrastructure Plan methodology report

You can read more information about the list of improvements - which have been broken down into 'schemes' - via the links below:

  1. Read the Local Cycling and Walking Infrastructure Plan schemes for Babergh
  2. Read the Local Cycling and Walking Infrastructure Plan schemes for Mid Suffolk

The schemes are also displayed via the interactive map below:


lcwip scheme cycling walking short term 2 LCWIP scheme (Cycling/Walking): Short Term ambition

lcwip scheme cycling walking medium term 2 LCWIP scheme (Cycling/Walking): Medium Term ambition

lcwip scheme cycling walking long term 2 LCWIP scheme (Cycling/Walking): Long Term ambition

network zone cycling 2 Network Zone for cycling - core investment area

network zone walking 2 Network Zone for walking - core investment area

desire lines 2 Desire lines for active travel route infrastructure improvements/investment

national cycle route on road 2 National Cycle Route (on road section)

national cycle route off road 2 National Cycle Route (off road section)


The list of improvements and map of schemes - and how they have been prioritised - remain a dynamic part of our Local Cycling and Walking Infrastructure Plan. Therefore, the plan will be reviewed regularly and is subject to changes and amendments.

If you have any feedback that you would like us to consider, please email Katherine Davies, our Sustainable Travel Officer.

If you come across a new or urgent issue with existing cycling or walking infrastructure, please report a highways issue via Suffolk County Council's Highways Reporting Tool.

Such issues may include:

  • damage to, or obstruction on, cycle lanes
  • missing or damaged pedestrian guardrails
  • problems with signage 

For more information about walking and cycling in the districts, please access the following links:

  • The Way to Go Suffolk - this website includes local walking and cycling maps
  • Discover Suffolk - this website (and app) includes suggested walking and cycling routes
  • Public rights of way and access in Suffolk - these webpages from Suffolk County Council (SCC) include information about how to access (and report problems with) the local public rights of way network
  • Active travel improvements for cycling and walking - this webpage from SCC includes information about how they are working to improve cycling and walking infrastructure in the county. Information about local consultations is also included
  • Quiet Lanes Suffolk - this website provides information about the 'Quiet Lanes' initiative, which provides safer spaces to walk and cycle

Encouraging more active travel

As part of our work to encourage more walking and wheeling, we regularly take part in - or share - national active travel campaigns, like Cycling UK's Big Bike Revival. We also run community engagement events, which focus on sustainable travel as a topic.

We have worked in partnership with Suffolk County Council, and Performance in Education, to deliver interactive, theatrical performances in primary schools. These performances encourage pupils and parents to travel to school more sustainably, and they raise awareness of the environmental benefits of doing so - which include reducing carbon emissions, and improving local air quality.

For more information about these performances, please access the following document:

Abbie Ayre and the Shed of Science (tour evaluation report)

Passenger transport (public and community transport)

Whilst we do not operate, or hold contracts for, passenger transport, we are committed to supporting the needs of our residents and visitors. Wherever possible, we support transport delivery partners so that they can do this.

Because of this, we are an engaged, committed key stakeholder in the:

For more information about local passenger transport (including services and timetables), please visit Suffolk on Board's website.

To find out about rural community transport provision in your area - and to book a journey - please visit Suffolk on Board's Connecting Communities webpage.