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New Pre Application Service For Planning

Babergh and Mid Suffolk District Councils are committed to delivering a high quality pre-application service which provides a thorough professional response to customers and have reviewed the service we offer.

The result is a new service starting 1st July 2017, providing a more in-depth response, with target response times to provide greater certainty. This will enable the delivery of responses in a timely fashion, providing greater detail and advice, subject to the type of advice requested and the complexity of the proposal.  In addition, it includes a combined service, offering Highways, Floods, Heritage, Landscape and Ecology, if requested and relevant to the site or enquiry.

Under the provisions of the Local Government Act 2003 we now charge a fee for this service. The intention is to recover the cost of providing the service and not to deter applicants and their agents from engaging in pre-application discussions.  The purpose of this service is to encourage pre-application discussions and offer helpful professional advice, within a target timescale. We shall provide you with clear advice about whether it is likely that your proposal will be granted permission or consent. If we consider it unlikely the proposal would be supported we will give you reasons for our opinion and work with you to resolve. Have a look at our new pre application web pages for more details.