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Notice of Election published

A general election has been called for 12 December 2019.

You can find the Notice of Election for both seats in our districts below. The publishing of these documents triggers the start of the pre-election period which will be in place until the results of the elections are declared.

Notice of Election - South Suffolk
Notice of Election - Central Suffolk and North Ipswich

Pre-election period

Previously known as ‘purdah’ this is now referred to as moratorium. During this period, we, as a council, aren’t able to share statements or information which promote any one political party.

For the general election moratorium begins on 8 November 2019 and lasts until the election votes have been counted and published.

Sound confusing? This should make it a bit clearer:

  • We can’t promote a party in any communications material (news, advertising, social media). For this reason, we may have to hide or remove comments of a political nature from our social media posts or remove the comment function all together during this period.
  • We can publish factual information about the election e.g. the names, areas and parties of candidates
  • We can promote non-political health, crime prevention, race relations, equality & diversity, community issues

Read the guidance on the Local Government Association's (LGA) website.

You can find out more about the 2019 General Election on our website.