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Test and Trace guidance for employers

You should encourage workers to follow any instructions to self-isolate and provide support to these individuals when in isolation.

Although this may seem disruptive for businesses, it is less disruptive than an outbreak of Covid-19 in the workplace. It is also far less disruptive than periods in lockdown.

If one or more of your employees/visitors have symptoms or have tested positive for Covid-19, you must immediately report it to the Suffolk Covid-19 Coordinating Centre.

In the event of an outbreak, our health partners and we will:

  • undertake a risk assessment of the situation which will be led by Public Health England colleagues
  • facilitate public health advice and control measures through Public Health England
  • where necessary, in discussion with Public Health England, establish a multi-agency incident management team to manage the outbreak

You should support workers who need to self-isolate, by paying sick pay or allowing them to use paid leave. You must not ask them to attend the workplace for any reason.

Workers will have to isolate because they:

  • have Coronavirus symptoms and are awaiting a test result
  • have tested positive for Coronavirus
  • are a member of the same household as someone who has symptoms or has tested positive for Coronavirus
  • have been in close recent contact with someone who has tested positive, and received a notification to self-isolate from NHS Test and Trace

Following instructions to self-isolate, will help protect family, friends, the public and your business.

Normal cleaning methods will kill Coronavirus. Please refer to the Government's Covid-19: cleaning of non-healthcare settings guidance.

The guidance describes the required cleaning, disposal of waste and personal protective equipment (PPE).