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Gateway to Homechoice Verification

Download full list of supporting evidence


The Verification Housing History form must be completed with all of your household members' addresses, for the past 6 years (and for the past 10 years for any property ownership).

It must also include the name and address of your landlords, and the dates that you moved in and out, together with the reasons for leaving the property.

Please complete the form:

Verification Housing History


The declaration must be signed and dated.

Please download, print, sign and return the declaration:

Verification Declaration (PDF)

Sending in your documents

Email all relevant documents in ONE message. Use consecutive messages for larger households.

Email my documents

What happens next

You will receive an acknowledgement email immediately to confirm we have received your documents.

We do not keep previously sent documents on file, unless uploaded to your online account, so it is important that you gather all of the documents which are relevant to you and send them together at the same time. You don't need to resend any clearly readable documents that you have already uploaded to your online application - you can check these by logging in to your application online.

From the date we receive your full clearly readable set of step 1 documents, we aim to assess your application so that, if eligible, you can place bids within 4-6 weeks.

Your application will be closed automatically if we do not receive a full set of clearly readable and relevant documents altogether within 28 from the date of your Gateway to Homechoice application.

Additional bedroom entitlement / banding priority can be requested at any time but will only be considered once evidence in step 2 has been received. We strongly advise sending step 1 and 2 documents at the same time where possible.

Please allow a further 4-6 weeks for documents in step 2 to be assessed (from the date we receive them) if sending after your basic assessment documents in step 1.

The following applications will NOT be accepted:

  • If you have been housed in the last 12 months via Gateway to Homechoice or Mutual Exchange
  • If you have a previous application under another Gateway to Homechoice number (you will need to re-apply using your original number)
  • If you are a joint social housing tenant and are only applying in your own name (unless fleeing violence)
  • If your application should be for Birmingham, Cornwall, Kent, Yorkshire, Doncaster, Reading, Rochdale or Bristol where, for example, they also have Homechoice schemes but are not part of our sub-region. Please check you are applying to the correct Local Authority.

Frequently Asked Questions

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