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Mutual Exchanges and Transfers

If you rent your home from a council or housing association and wish to move, there are several options open to you.

They include:

  • applying for a transfer within your council's area
  • a move to a new area
  • a mutual exchange

A transfer is where a council or housing association tenant registers for a move using the housing register. This is because their current home is no longer suitable for them (for example, due to size, area, disability or choice).

Please check whether you are eligible for a mutual exchange

How to find a mutual exchange

A mutual exchange is where a council or housing association tenant exchanges their home with another tenant.

It can be a good way to find a bigger or smaller home, or to move to another area.

You could find an exchange through any of the following:

  • word of mouth
  • personal advertising
  • social media
  • the internet

House Exchange is a UK service that helps people find exchange partners.

Visit House Exchange's website to register online and search for an exchange partner.

When you have found an exchange

Once you have found an exchange, you must complete the online application form below. This form will take approximately ten minutes to complete.

Please ensure you have identification (Passport/ Driving License or Birth Certificate and utility bill) and proof of child benefit (if applicable) to hand to submit as part of the application.

Please ensure all parties moving into or out of a Babergh and Mid Suffolk Council property within your exchange submit an online application form.

Once all completed forms have been received, we will confirm within 42 days if the exchange can proceed. If all applications have not been received after 14 days, the application will be closed down.

You must have written permission from your Local Authority or Housing Association landlord before exchanging with another tenant.

Apply for a Mutual Exchange


How to transfer

If you wish to transfer, you can apply to join the Gateway to Homechoice register. For full details and the online application visit:

Gateway to Homechoice