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Neighbourhood Team

Our Neighbourhood Team work hard to keep you and your family safe in your home and in the area you live. 

Tasks include: 

  • Block inspections - to ensure fire safety 
  • Sheltered Housing cleaning in communal areas 
  • Garage lettings and site inspections
  • Inspections of Housing Land and reporting issues such as fly-tipping. 

How to contact us

You can make a report or contact us with a query using the details below: 

E-mail neighbourhoodteam@baberghmidsuffolk.gov.uk 

Call Customer Services on 0300 123 4000

Block inspections

As part of our efforts to keep you safe in your home and to comply with Fire Safety regulations, we visit every 4 weeks to inspect the internal and external communal areas.

Here are some examples of what we will looking at:

  • Assessing the building for any routine repairs
  • Checking internal walkways, stairwells and cupboards
  • External grounds including tress, hedges and shrub beds
  • Fly-tipping

We have a zero-tolerance policy towards any items being stored in communal areas. Here are some examples of items that we will be asking residents to remove during our visit.

  • Doormats, carpet and other flooring
  • Plant pots
  • Décor items and lighting
  • Doorstops
  • Chairs
  • Gardening tools and equipment
  • Shoe racks and Footwear
  • Ashtrays 
  • Self-built structures and Cupboards/Shelves
  • Mobility Scooters

We understand this advice may be new to residents, but we ask for your understanding and cooperation.

Please do not hesitate to speak to the Neighbourhood Officer when they are on site if you have any questions.