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Repair Responsibilities

Keeping our tenants and staff safe is always important

Watch our short video which details how we can work together to stay safe whilst maintaining your home.

Most repairs are carried out by us. However, there are some that you are expected to do.

The table below details who is responsible for what. There can be exceptions. 

You may incur a charge if we are called out to a repair that is your responsibility.


Work types and repair responsibilities
Work TypeOur responsibilityTenant responsibilityComments
Appliance testing (Sheltered & homeless schemes only)   Scheduled every year 
Asbestos – surveys & removal    
Electrical installation condition report (EICR)   Scheduled every 5 years
Fire risk assessments    
Heating servicing (gas/oil/solid fuel)   Scheduled every year 
Legionella testing   Applies to shared services
Appliance supply (Sheltered & homeless schemes only)    
Appliance repairs (Sheltered & homeless schemes only)    
Bathroom fittings, taps, sink/basin, pan, cistern, wastes, tiling, bath, shower    
Toilet seat, plugs, curtain/curtain rail & shower head & hose    
Electrical circuits, wiring, sockets & light fittings    
Heating & hot water systems    
Communal areas   Some exceptions apply on leasehold buildings
Condensation   Read further information about condensation
Damp   Condensation
Blocked sinks, toilets & drains    
Kitchen & bathroom surveys   20 year kitchen inspection & 30 year bathroom inspection planned programme
Floor coverings Bathroom & kitchen
Structural, ceilings, floors & walls Cracks less than 4mm tenant repair. Over 4mm BMSDC
Other fixtures & fittings such as light bulbs, coat hooks, washing lines, telephone ports, aerials    
Pest control Communal areas BMSDC. Within property tenant
Radiator bleeding    
Replacement locks/keys    
Smoke & carbon monoxide detectors Hard wired BMSDC. Battery replacement tenant. Read further information about fire safety
Chimneys & flues Where no solid fuel heating installed repairs BMSDC. Sweep-clean tenant
Communal areas   Some exceptions apply on leasehold buildings
Drains & sewage maintenance   Excludes blockages
Fencing/Boundaries Refer to fencing policy
Garden maintenance    
Painting (externally)   6 year planned programme
Paths & steps (existing within property boundary)    
Paths & roads (outside property boundary)   Mostly highways, some exceptions apply
Roof, insulation, guttering & downpipes    
Sheds Brick built BMSDC. Wooden tenant
Windows, doors, hinges & handles    
Customer alterations Authorised & inspected by BMSDC. Tenant repairs
Aids & adaptations   On referrals from O/T
Safer community remedial / prevention   On referral from authorities


Our Waste Team can help to replace lost or damaged wheelie bins

It's very important to use qualified workers when carrying out your own repairs. Failing to do so can lead to expensive and even dangerous mistakes.

If we attend a repair call and the fault is found to be an appliance owned by you, you could be charged. 

Report a repair

To report a repair, visit our Report a Repair webpage

Right to carry out improvements to your home

If you want to make alterations to your home, you must get permission. Read our Apply for alterations webpage for more information.

Contents insurance

It is your responsibility to ensure you have contents insurance for your own personal belongings.

Thistle Tenant Risks offers you home contents insurance at an affordable rate. The insurance will:

  • cover fire, theft, flood, water damage and other household risk
  • cover lost or stolen keys
  • freezer contents
  • accidental damage to fixed glass in doors and windows

For more information contact Thistle Insurance on 0845 601 7007

It may be cheaper to call 01628 586187 from a mobile.

You can also email Thistle Insurance

You can also visit the Crystal Insurance Scheme website. The Crystal Insurance Scheme is administered by Thistle Tenant Risks.