You must pay your rent on time.

Your rent is fixed every April. If we have to increase your rent, we will tell you in advance.


Pay by monthly direct debit

Paying by direct debit is the easiest way to pay. We expect new tenants to set up a direct debit to pay their rent when they sign their Tenancy Agreement.

Babergh Direct Debit
Mid Suffolk Direct Debit

Alternatively, download and complete one of the following forms (PDF format) to set this up:

The council will give at least two weeks’ notice of any changes to payments. This means you are always aware of what money we will take out of your account.


Pay online now

A convenient and secure way to pay, available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Pay rent online using a debit or credit card


Pay by telephone

You can pay over the automated phone service, any time of the day, 7 days a week.

Before calling make sure that you have your debit or credit card to hand, together with your account reference number which can be found on your bill.

It is easy to use, please call 0300 1234000

Please note that payments can't be made between 11.00pm and 11.20pm on Monday to Friday. This is when we transfer information to our records.


Online banking or set up a standing order

You can pay your rent using online banking or set up a standing order.

Please include your account number when paying online. This is on the top of your bill. 

For standing order payments, please contact your bank and provide them with the details below.

If you are a Babergh tenant

Lloyds Bank PLC, Sort Code: 30-98-31, Account number: 01217347

If you are a Mid Suffolk tenant

Lloyds Bank PLC, Sort Code: 30-99-85, Account number: 00708698


If you are transferring money from overseas, the IBAN you will need is:

  • For Babergh rent payments: GB10 LOYD 3098 3101 2173 47
  • For Mid Suffolk rent payments: GB65 LOYD 3099 8500 7086 98


Your responsibilities

If you can't pay your rent, let us know as soon as possible. 

If you're finding it difficult to pay your rent, or if you're experiencing money problems, please contact our Money Matters Team

Please remember that we could take legal action if you don't pay your rent. You may lose your home. 

If your tenancy is in joint names, you are both responsible for all the rent. You are also both responsible for any payments that have been missed.

If one joint tenant leaves the property, we can claim any rent owing from the remaining tenant or tenants.  We can also claim from the tenant who leaves.

Visit the Money Advice and Support section of our site where you can find out about other agencies available to offer you advice and support.