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Selling your leaseholder property

When selling your property you or your solicitor may obtain from us a standard leasehold information pack (sales enquiry). The pack contains relevant information about your property and your service charges that are payable.

All outstanding services charges, loans etc must be cleared on completion of sale.

It is your responsibility to ensure that your solicitor has retained sufficient monies for any charges that have not yet been invoiced.

Please note, we are unable to change the ownership details on the property until we have received a notice of assignment from the purchaser's solicitors.

It is advisable to inform us of your sale, and if possible, to provide the name of the solicitors acting on behalf of the purchaser.

This will enable us to chase for the appropriate legal documentation if required. 


Notifying us of your sale

It is important that we are notified of your sale as soon as possible, along with the name of the Solicitors acting on behalf of the purchaser. 

We will not be able to amend our records to show the details of the new leaseholder until we have this information. Consequently, any correspondence we send will continue to be addressed to the former leaseholder who will still appear to be responsible for any liabilities attaching to the property.


Right of first refusal  

If you bought your flat prior to 18 January 2005, you do not need our permission to sell your flat.  However, if your flat was bought on or after 18 January 2005, and you wish to resell or dispose of it within ten years of purchasing, you will be required to offer it back to the Council.  

This is because under the Housing Act 2004, we are required to insert a covenant into the lease that gives us or another Registered Provider (RP) nominated by us, the right of first refusal.