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Home > Housing > Our tenants > Caring for your home and safety advice > What to do about condensation

What to do about condensation

Condensation is a common problem and is caused when moist warm air meets a cold surface such as glass on an outside window.

You can reduce condensation if you:

  • cover pans and open a window when cooking
  • add hot water to cold water in a bath and open a window
  • keep background heating on all the time in winter months
  • ventilate rooms heated by bottled gas and paraffin stoves
  • open windows when you dry washing indoors

If mould starts to grow on walls, clean it with an anti-mould cleaner or anti-fungal wash, which can be be purchased from hardware shops.

If you still have a problem, and are a council tenant, contact us and we will send somebody to inspect your home.