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New Tenants

This page contains useful information for new Council tenants.

Your Tenancy Agreement

Please familiarise yourself with the terms and conditions within your tenancy agreement.

Babergh District Council - Introductory and Secure Periodic Tenancy Agreement 

Mid Suffolk District Council - Introductory and Secure Periodic Tenancy Agreement

How to pay your rent

As a council tenant, you must pay your rent on time.

Ways to pay your rent


Housing Benefit

If you have an existing claim for Housing Benefit you will need to complete a change of address online, or if you would like to make a new claim, you can apply online.

Housing Benefit 

For existing and new Housing Benefit applications, you will be required to submit a first night form in order to commence your claim.

First night form


Council Tax

When you move home, you are responsible for informing council tax of your move details.

Council tax


Repairs, Improvements & Planned Maintenance

Find out who is responsible for what, in terms of repairs


Tenant Alterations

Apply for landlord permission to make an improvement or alteration to the property


Utilities in your new home

You are responsible for notifying the utility providers for your gas, electricity and water supply that you have moved into the address. If you are unsure who your gas or electricity supplier is please contact UK Power Networks online or call 0800 029 4285.

To ensure accurate bills are generated for the address you must take the meter readings on the day that you move into your property and provide these to your utility supplier.


Home contents insurance

It is your responsibility to insure your belongings, furniture or decorations against fire, theft, vandalism, burst pipes and other household risks. 

Tenants Contents Insurance scheme


Landlord permissions

There are certain things you need landlord permission for:

  • Pets
  • Taking in a lodger
  • Keeping a vehicle, trailer or boat
  • Running a business from home
Applying For Our Permission


Further information

For any other information regarding your tenancy please visit the housing section on the website. If you wish to speak with a Customer Services Officer please telephone 0300 123 4000.