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Repairs & improvements - our responsibility

Report a repair 

To report a repair, visit our Report a Repair webpage 

It is our job to maintain the structure of your home and the shared areas around it. We will not repair any alterations or extra items that you have fitted.

We will maintain and repair:

  • Drains, gutters and external pipes
  • Shared areas around your property such as entrance halls, stairways, lifts, passageways and rubbish chutes
  • Lighting in shared areas
  • Installations of electricity, gas, water, drainage systems or any system connected with providing greener energy such as solar panels
  • Any heating or water installations we have provided 
  • Kitchen and bathroom fittings we have provided 


Planned improvements

We maintain a programme of improvements for our council house i.e. when a house is due a new kitchen and/or bathrooms.  When your home comes up in the programme, we will contact you to discuss the works before they start.


Outside decoration

We will decorate the outside of your home and communal areas regularly. This is likely to be every five/six years (where applicable).


Repair times

When you report the need for a repair, we will tell you when the work will be done by. This will depend on how urgent it is. We will give or send you written confirmation of your request of a repair, unless it is carried out in an emergency.


Annual gas and oil servicing

We have a duty to check any gas or oil fitting/boiler and service the flues in your home at least once a year.

We will always give you notice in writing of any inspection. You must give us access to carry out this inspection. If you do not give us access, we could take legal action to seek an injunction and you may have to pay costs.


Wood burners or solid fuel appliances

We do not enforce an installation policy for any type of wood burner or solid fuel appliances.

All existing appliances will be removed when houses become empty or if appliances are identified as dangerous. If you have an appliance in your home, without approval from us, we have the right to remove and recharge this work to you.