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Succession, assignment & tenancy changes

Your tenancy agreement is an important legal contract between you, as the tenant/s, and the Council as your landlord, and contains the conditions of your tenancy. If your circumstances change you can make a request to change your tenancy. The following outlines tenancy changes that can be made.


Adding a joint tenant

As an existing tenant, you may wish to share the responsibility of your tenancy with someone who lives with you. For details about how to apply for a joint tenancy, and the conditions that apply, please download our leaflet 'Tenancy changes - adding a joint tenant'

If you meet the applicable criteria, please complete our online form

Apply for a joint tenancy


Removing a name from a tenancy

If you wish to remove a name from a tenancy which is currently in joint names, this will be allowed if both tenants are in agreement and with the permission of the Council. For details about how to remove a name from a tenancy please download our leaflet 'Tenancy changes - removing a name from a joint tenancy'. Please note it is always advisable to seek independent legal advice.


Transferring your tenancy (by assignment)

If you are looking to move out of your Council property to live somewhere else, you can apply to assign (transfer) your tenancy to a qualifying person who has lived with you for at least a year.

For details about how to assign a tenancy please download our leaflet 'Tenancy changes - transferring your tenancy to another person (by assignment)'

To apply you need to fill our online form

Assign your tenancy


Please note, the assignee/prospective tenant must also register with (the Council's housing allocation scheme).

Gateway to Homechoice 


Tell us about the death of a tenant

If a tenant dies leaving any other person in occupation, a qualifying person living in the home may be able to take over the tenancy. This is known as a 'succession'. A secure periodic tenancy can only be transferred once therefore no further statutory successions can be claimed by any other occupier. Please refer to the tenancy agreement for further information. If you wish to apply for succession please email us with the details of your request: Tenancy Management.

If a tenant dies and there is no other person living in the property, you will need to give notice to end the tenancy.


Any other changes to your tenancy

If you wish to make any other changes to your tenancy, such as your name, you will need to put your request in writing, enclosing any supporting documentation such as a marriage certificate, deed poll or birth certificate, and email to Tenancy Management.

We may contact you to request further information in relation to your request. Once we have processed your application for changes to your tenancy we will let you know the outcome in writing.