Report Empty Homes

Empty homes can attract anti-social behaviour, and cause problems to neighbours. Over time, they may also need repairs to improve their condition.

Report an empty home

Bringing an empty home back into use has a number of benefits. It can:

  • provide a home for others to use
  • reduce the risk of crime and vandalism
  • make money for the owner and increase the value of the property 

How we can help

We offer a range of services to support owners and neighbours of empty homes.

We can offer:

  • advice and assistance
  • financial assistance to owners
  • to buy empty homes from the owners
  • to find suitable companies to do works for owners

We can also consider using enforcement action. We might:

  • issue legal documents, called enforcement notices, to deal with dangerous or derelict buildings
  • issue an improvement notice to get any hazards removed
  • take over the running of the property
  • purchase the property (as a last resort)

We want to help empty home owners as much as possible - whilst avoiding enforcement actions.

Email our Private Sector Housing team for advice and support.