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Sheltered housing review 2016

Update on proposals for the change in the Sheltered Housing Service / Schemes (October 2016)

Following the proposals that were issued in June 2016, listed below, we have over the summer undertaken consultation events for all our Sheltered Housing schemes. This involved members of staff being available to talk to current residents, either at a central drop in session or visiting individuals in their own homes. The consultation also allowed individuals to write in with their feelings thoughts and comments. In total we saw or received feedback from 48% of the residents.

We are now analysing all the information that has been received, and although we will take on board these comments we cannot guarantee that all the changes requested can be made.

The final proposals are now being worked on and will be submitted to the elected members for them to vote on them in December 2016, it will see changes to the initial proposals and that information will be made available to all residents as soon as it is approved

Proposals for the change in the Sheltered Housing Service / Schemes

We have recently undertaken a review of the service provided in our sheltered housing schemes.

In the summer of 2015 we wrote to all tenants and we also held meetings at all our schemes to gather information on what the tenants felt worked well and what they felt did not. This information helped us to shape the new design for sheltered housing.

Below is an explanation of what the proposed changes are and how they will effect some of the tenants. From 1st April 2017 we are proposing to reduce the number of sheltered schemes we have.

What does it mean if it says my scheme will no longer be sheltered housing?

If your scheme is one of the ones proposed for de-sheltering, then you will still be able to remain in your home but your tenancy status will change from being a sheltered tenant to a general needs tenant.

This means you will no longer receive a visit from a scheme manager and your pull chord alarm system will be removed. We will offer you support to obtain a pendant alarm if you still wish to benefit from the service offered by dispersed alarm services.

You will no longer have to pay a service charge for the service provided by the scheme manager or a support charge. You may have to pay a service charge towards certain services though, for example communal gardening service. The charges will vary dependant on your scheme. We will be notifying you of this at a later date, if the proposals are approved.
If you wish to remain in sheltered accommodation, this would mean moving to an alternative scheme. You would have to apply via Gateway to Homechoice and we would support you in this. A welfare award would be considered to give you additional priority to assist with securing a move to sheltered accommodation only, you will not receive priority to obtain an alternative general needs property. A Full copy of the proposals available

Meetings are being arranged for all the tenants affected by these proposals to come in and talk to members of the Supported Housing Team, a full list of dates and time is included in the proposal document.