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Home > News > Babergh Pledges Support for those hit by Philips Avent Closure

Babergh Pledges Support for those hit by Philips Avent Closure

Posted by on 18 January 2019 | Comments

Babergh District Council has pledged to support all its residents facing redundancy as a result of Philips Avent leaving Glemsford, further to the multi-national health technology company’s announcement of the proposed closure of its Glemsford site following a strategic review of its wider global operations - which has been seeking a 40% reduction in the number of Philips’ larger sites world-wide.

Babergh is preparing to help those affected through the planned redundancies into new work.

The support will be tailored to the situation at Glemsford, which will become clearer over the coming weeks. However in the past Babergh has organised Support Days for workers with other partners from both the private and public sectors, to ensure those impacted are fully informed about both the support and the opportunities available in the area.

This could include working with Jobcentre Plus to signpost Philips Avent’s Glemsford employees towards job-brokering and/or training services provided by the government’s Redundancy Payments Service (RPS), as well as bringing together partners such as the New Anglia LEP and Suffolk County Council to support those affected.

Babergh will also play a role in shaping the future of Philips Avent’s current Glemsford site, ensuring that the closure does not mean it becoming unused and derelict but rather continuing to offer an ideal site for investment and job creation in the district.

Cllr Simon Barrett, Babergh District Council’s Cabinet Member for Economy, said: “It is always difficult to lose a job, especially when it is through no fault of your own, as unfortunately appears to be the case with Philips Avent’s employees at Glemsford. While the management of Philips Avent have not felt the South Suffolk Taskforce was able to help them during conversations in the past, we will be there to help their employees now, not only in enabling them find the support they need but also in putting them in touch with other local businesses who could use their skills and experience.

“Philips Avent employees at Glemsford have a reputation for their efficient operations, innovation and skills, and it is these attributes which mean the area is still an attractive place for manufacturers to invest in and we will be looking at the future of the Glemsford site and how it can continue to provide employment in the area once Philips Avent leave.”