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Home > News > Council Housing Officers feature in latest TV show

Council Housing Officers feature in latest TV show

Posted by on 3 March 2017 | Comments

Two members of staff from Babergh and Mid Suffolk’s Supported Living Schemes will once again feature in the latest series of the BBC One daytime show ‘The Housing Enforcers’.

The fourth series of the show started on Monday this week and will air each weekday at 9.15 am until Friday 24 March 2017.  It is hosted by presenter Matt Allwright and looks at the work of Local Authority Housing Officers who deal with a whole range of issues such as signing up new tenants, antisocial behaviour, overgrown gardens and environmental health-related matters.

Community Housing Officers Ian Watson and Andrew Weavers have been working with the producers of this show for the last two years and they have already appeared in series 2 and 3.  In the current series, viewers will see Ian or Andrew in 10 episodes altogether, where their work on the front line will show them dealing with anything from ‘right to buy’ fraud and abandoned properties to attending evictions and serving notices.

Andrew Weavers said, “The programme producers and crew have been very supportive and it has been good to show the mixture of issues we deal with every day. Social worker, mediator, police officer, support worker and friendly face – these are just some of the people we are expected to be during the course of our work.  We have no doubt changed people’s lives or even saved them along the path of our careers.”

Ian Watson said, “The shows have been fair and quite positive, not like some other benefits programmes, so when we were asked to do more programmes after series 2, I was quite happy to do this because of the way they portrayed our work.”

Cllr Jan Osborne, Babergh District Council’s Portfolio Holder for Housing said, “Our housing officers are a real credit to both councils and this programme shows just what an invaluable service they provide for our tenants. Viewers of the programme will see just how hard this team works to find solutions, even when they lie outside their normal area of activity, and the positive impact they have on people’s lives.”

Cllr Jill Willshaw, Mid Suffolk District Council’s Member with Special Responsibility – Landlord Function said, “We know our tenants can have very individual needs and this programme does a great job of shining a light on just how hard our staff work to handle anything that is thrown at them.  Their willingness to roll up their sleeves and do whatever it takes to solve problems and improve the lives of our tenants is a testament to the commitment and professionalism of the whole team.”

Series Producer Kent Upshon said “We were really keen to open up the series this year, to look at the more human side of housing, and the challenges faced by both tenants and Housing Officers. Both Ian and Andrew were brilliant guides through today’s housing crisis. There’s an old cliché about there being no such thing as an average day as a housing officer, but our time in Suffolk and Babergh proved time and time again this to be true. Through them, we saw a huge range of different housing challenges, but the one thing that didn’t change was Ian and Andrew’s honest and professional approach to doing their jobs. We feel we really captured an authentic feel of what it’s like to be on the front lines, and I know our viewers will feel the same”.