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Home > News > Councils demonstrate they can meet future housing requirement

Councils demonstrate they can meet future housing requirement

Posted by Communications on 8 October 2020 | Comments

Babergh and Mid Suffolk District Councils recently published their Five-Year Housing Land Supply position statement, evidencing that Government housing requirements can be met by the districts until 2025 and beyond.

The reports set out the councils’ deliverable housing supply, reflecting relevant policy and guidance, and assess whether this will meet the five year local housing need – calculated using the Standard Method and a buffer of 5%, as determined by the Housing Delivery Test.

Prior to preparing the reports, the councils undertook a consultation to gather additional evidence on sites and seek views from the local community, Councillors, and developers. Consultation responses have been fully considered and responded to as part of this final report.

Both councils also reviewed local lead-in times and build rates – taking into account the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic – to help inform plans for housing delivery.

Following this extensive preparation, the report for Babergh District Council demonstrates that the district has a five-year housing land supply of 2,943 units, exceeding the requirement of 2,184 and resulting in an actual supply of 6.75 years.

Mid Suffolk District Council also exceeded the five-year housing land supply, with the report evidencing a 7.67 year housing supply, comprising of 4,310 units – well above the 2,809 units needed.