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Home > News > Councils launch new online payments system for land charges searches

Councils launch new online payments system for land charges searches

Posted by on 29 May 2018 | Comments

Babergh and Mid Suffolk have introduced a new online payments system for those buying homes in their districts.

The new system allows those requesting a Local Land Charge Search – which carries with it a search fee – to pay quickly and easily online, via credit or debit card.

Most Land Charge Service customers are solicitors and agents delivering conveyancing services to those buying a house although anyone can request this service regarding any property. In addition to the official search requests, known as LLC1 and CON29 searches, we are also adding a new online form and payment system for personal searches, which include only selected parts of the full official search and this is available now. 

The new processes will be easier and more convenient for our customers and by reducing administration time associated with payment by cheque this will reduce the time required for searches to be completed, giving customers the information they need faster. It will also help control the cost of delivering the service and there have been no increases in the Land Charges search fees this year.

Searches can be requested via the Babergh and Mid Suffolk websites, at: or

Babergh District Council’s Cabinet Member for Organisational Delivery, Cllr Derek Davis said: “Local Land Charges searches are important because they inform potential buyers of property, or land, of any obligations or restrictions they would inherit from the current owner. Enabling people to pay online for searches to be carried out makes the process quicker, meaning people can move into their new homes sooner.”

Mid Suffolk District Council’s Lead Member for Customer Service, Cllr Suzie Morley, said: “While Land Charges may sound byzantine to some, anyone who has ever bought a home will likely have had a search made on their behalf. By making it quicker and simpler to submit payment online we’re not only making life easier for the solicitors and agents carrying out the search, but also removing one of the delays anyone buying a house experiences: this will make one of the most important purchases of a lifetime that little bit smoother.”