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Home > News > Delivering a Vision for Prosperity in Stowmarket and Sudbury

Delivering a Vision for Prosperity in Stowmarket and Sudbury

Posted by on 18 October 2017 | Comments

Following two very well attended drop-in display events where over 800 people discussed issues affecting the Stowmarket and Sudbury areas, Babergh and Mid Suffolk Councils have made copies of the display available for anyone who missed out on the events. 


The ‘Vision for Prosperity’ seeks to set out the community’s key desires and wishes for the town. It also aims to get a clear idea of what should happen, when and who should do it.


In addition to the feedback given at the two events, views are still be sought from all who live, work or visit either of the Greater Stowmarket or Greater Sudbury areas.


Hard copies of the exhibition can be viewed at the following locations:


VFP Sudbury

  • Sudbury Library
  • Sudbury Town Hall
  • Great Cornard Library
  • Glemsford Library
  • Long Melford Library


VFP Stowmarket

  • Stowmarket Library
  • Stowmarket Town Hall
  • Needham Market Library
  • Elmswell Library
  • MSDC Office, 54 Ipswich Street, Stowmarket


These are also available on our Babergh and Mid Suffolk websites.


Cllr John Ward, Babergh District Council’s Cabinet Member for Economy said, “We were really pleased that people from the surrounding villages also got involved because the towns have a much bigger catchment so Sudbury and Stowmarket cannot be seen in isolation.  The needs of people don’t appear to differ so greatly – they want positivity and certainty, they want better quality leisure, retail, housing and job opportunities.  They want to use our heritage as a driver for growth, but also to maintain our identity and uniqueness.  People are full of ideas about how to improve public services locally, with different methods and even different bodies delivering services.  This is exactly the discussions we envisaged with the VFP project and we are delighted that the public is engaged with us. There was also a good degree of agreement over some of the key developments people would like to see happen in Sudbury It is up to us now to go through the comments received and see how we can begin to deliver those ambitions.”


Cllr Gerard Brewster, Mid Suffolk District Council’s Cabinet Member for Economy said, “VFPStowmarket has opened up a fantastic public debate about development, growth, services and facilities in the future Stowmarket and Sudbury areas.  We have a lot of work to do now to come back to the public with answers and information to move the VFP forward.  This was by far the strongest message to us: people just want to know what’s going on, so we’re working on being much better at communications and keeping people informed of Council activities and actions.  Indeed, our social media feed has been well received and we’re using that as a key method of engaging more dynamically with the public.  You spoke, we listened and will act on what you have said.”


Additional comments on the VFP projects are invited before 5pm on the 10th of November by email, or in writing and left with staff at the above venues.


Once this has all been gathered, it will be brought together in a document and used to help generate more positive conversations about growth, change, development and the way services are delivered in the future.