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Home > News > Leader of Babergh District Council says "Face to Face" Contact with Community Remains Sacrosanct

Leader of Babergh District Council says "Face to Face" Contact with Community Remains Sacrosanct

Posted by on 28 February 2017 | Comments

Changes to public access recognise changing needs of local people

The Leader of Babergh District Council has said that any local resident who continues to need ‘face to face’ contact with the Authority will continue to receive it.

The announcement comes following the recent news that a new customer service point for Babergh District Council will be in Sudbury.

“It is important to make clear that even though as a Council we will have a primary service point in Sudbury we will continue to expect our officers, as they do now, to continue to offer pre booked appointments to meet at a location that suits our citizens.” said Councillor Jennie Jenkins, Leader of Babergh District Council. “Those meetings can also be held in other suitable places in our district or at Endeavour House in Ipswich if that is convenient for those we serve.”

The changes being implemented by Babergh District Council are part of a new approach to Public Access by the Authority that recognises the changing needs of local people.

“By far the main way those we represent engage with us as a Council is not in person.” Councillor Jenkins continued. “Therefore our investment in our mobile technology means our officers will be able to transact more business from more or less anywhere in our district.”

“With an easier to use phone service, a user friendly website, and automated services including how to make payments on line, this will encourage and enable most people to self-serve online 24/7 at a time convenient to them.”

“From the start of this process we have always made clear that we will provide a face to face service for those who need it. This of course remains sacrosanct.” she said.

“My focus as the Leader of the Council is to ensure we deliver a better service for residents that is simpler for staff to deliver and is cost effective for tax payers.”